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Here Are a Few of Our Sanctuary Members:   

This is Truffles and Kid. Truffles was on death row at one of the city pounds and the day I happened to be there, was going to be euthanized. One of the workers asked me if I would take him and I did. He sure looks comfortable now. Kid was a stray. It took him a year to finally trust me enough to pick him up. He had been hit by a car and had a broken hip that healed incorrectly, so he has a bit of a wobble when he walks. I think he prefers that bed to the outdoors now.


This is Coconut. I bottle-fed him from only two weeks old. He fit in my hand. He is the dearest, sweetest cat ever put on the earth. I just cannot part with him. He is also Nascar's best friend. He will live out his life here with me and all of his friends. We just love him too much to let him go!

This is Luna. She was trapped at one of the local stores. She was starving and in need of medical care. She was one of the wildest cats I have ever tamed. I have plenty of scars to prove it! She is not adoptable as she does not do well with strangers. She will live out her life here at the sanctuary.

This is Frito. He still has a bit of a wild side. He was trapped along with Luna.  He was just a small kitten running back and forth from under cars to get a bite of food. He doesn't have to worry about that now. He does not do well with strangers and will live out his life here with his friends and plenty of food.

This is Isabelle. She was just a small puppy running along the highway. She was apparently abused because she would cower when I would try to reach for her or pick her up. She has come around quite a bit. She has two best friends here, Harley and Rusty, two Chihuahua-Terrier mixes. She will live out her life here because she is very happy and content with her friends and gets the best of care. She is a wonderful dog with a lot of energy, so lovable.


This is Tootsie (Little Kid). She looks so loving and calm, but that is a facade. She flies through the air and jumps on whatever she can. She doesn't care what she knocks over, or who is in her way. She is on her own mission. She does not do well at all with strangers and only gets along with a few cats of her choosing. As a small kitten bigger cats were beating up on her, so that has most likely helped to shape her personality. She will live out her life here with her few best friends basically doing whatever she wants.



This is Nascar. As a small kitten he rode for some miles in the engine of a car until someone was able to get him out. This picture is a little blurry, but that is because he never stops moving. He is a male version of Tootsie, only worse. He is a biter, a scratcher, a climber, just really a bad cat. One minute he is rubbing on my leg and the next he is biting it. I have tried every trick in the book I know to bring him around, to no avail, though he is better than he was. He does get along with the other cats, but he is a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde. He is absolutely wild, and not adoptable. He will live out his life here, where I know how to deal with him, and where he is happy in his own little crazy world. He is, however, one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen and has the eyes of a wild cat.


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