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Our Story:

We are a nonprofit rescue organization based in Brazoria, Texas.  Our goal is to support our community by helping the people of Brazoria and surrounding towns with rescue-related issues and pet care education, as well as finding excellent homes for as many of our rescues as we can.  The dumping and abandonment of animals in our area is rampant.

In our continued rescue efforts, we are sure to find those who are not candidates for adoption.  These dogs and cats will live out the remainder of their lives here at the sanctuary.  All of the animals here were stray, abandoned, or abused.  There are a few cats and dogs over 10 years old, some with special needs, and numerous youngsters in the group. 

We are adoption partners with PetSmart and Tractor Supply in Lake Jackson and do private adoptions by appointment only.  Please view our Events and News page for upcoming adoption dates and other events.  

I have rescued for 25 years.  I was actually afraid of dogs since childhood.  I overcame my fear by helping a friend in her grooming shop.  I met so many different breeds and personalities.  It was a great experience, and it truly changed my life to know the love of a dog.  Since then, I have had many dogs over the years.  All of them were rescued.

I hope you have experienced the love of a special pet.  Please continue to check in with us here for our latest news and tips.  You may contribute to our cause as well.  Anything you can give will go a long way to help animals in need.  We have numerous animals in need of medical care at the moment.  Thank you for your continued support.

Your friend,                                                                                                                


Terri Wyckoff

Mission Statement:

To provide love and solace for stray, abandoned, and abused cats and dogs, that they may have the quality of life they deserve.  


The vast majority of humans will understand the concept of spay and neuter and will possess compassion, in order that "dumping" and euthanasia of healthy animals become things of the past.